Sneek a Boos FoundersSneekaboos was created as a fun family tradition for my Halloween obsessed 3 year old son. It went from just an idea to reality when my husband told me I really should create it. At the time he was trying to distract me from my grief. We had just lost our second child half way through the pregnancy and he knew the upcoming holidays would be hard for us.  After the loss, I felt especially motivated to make each holiday memorable with my family. I am always looking for unique ways to bring us closer with our kids and give them long lasting memories.

In honor of our children, we wanted each product sold to benefit other children in need. I hope that through having a Sneek-a-boos in your home you will achieve making unique memories with your family and knowing you also are making a difference to children who are in need through the Shamba foundation.

Mindy Haering